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    Customizing dashboard


      Hi All,


      I wanted to customize my dashboard content for the assignment widget  where I wish to display whether the asset is approved or unapproved by the assignee.

      For this i went through UI/Layout/CenterPane/DashBoardContentsConfig, UI/Layout/CenterPane/DashBoardContentsHtml and UI/Layout/CenterPane/DashBoard/BookmarksHtml present in the Element Catalog but didn't get the desired Element where the changes have to be  made.

      Also please guide me what necessary changes are to be made.

      Thanks in advance.



      Neha yadav

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          For the Assignment widget, you would want to look into customizing the following elements:

          - UI/Layout/CenterPane/DashBoard/WorkflowHtml (presentation phase)

          - UI/Data/DashBoard/WorkflowAction (action phase)

          - UI/Data/DashBoard/WorkflowJson (presentation phase)