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    in which trigger can i use go_item() in oracle forms 6i?



          I have a problem with go_item.


      I tried executing go_item() in triggers like key_next_item, pre_text_item, post_text_item & when_validate_item.

      But none of them seemed to be working.

      I searched for other possibilities in the site, where i found a solution of using trigger ' when_timer_expired ' with ' when_validate_item ' ,

      but when i tried to create trigger, i did not find that trigger (when_timer_expired)  in the list at all.

      I'm using oracle form builder 6i.

      Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production.


      A trigger with go_item() must be created when tab is pressed.

      In which trigger can i use go_item() ??


      Thank You.