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    Unable to see Ess Job Definition in the ESS Test UI




      I am defining a new ESS Job. I have created the Jobdefinition.xml in the Jdev. I have defined the parameters in In the Application defined properties. In the system properties, I have added the Sys Effective Application & Sys_product. In the Access Control section, I have added 2 roles, which are already present in the jazn-data.xml file.I select them, give the roles with Read,write,delete & execute permissions.

      I have included the resource bundle, Display Name Resource key & Description Resource Key.


      But now when I save the job, I'm getting an error.

      It is referring to the Jazn file in some other location & not referring to the one which is present in my project. In my project, I have checked out the file and able to make changes.


      So I'm unable to save the job definition.


      Also My main issue is The job I created & deployed in weblogic server is not visible in the ESS Testing UI.(http://localhost:7101/essUi/faces/EssUIShell).

      Any help will be highly appreciated.