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        Dude wrote:
        I think this is only going to limit the future clientele and Red Hat shot itself in the foot.
        Or perhaps this lessen the number of newbies trying out a server o/s that they understand little about and as a result run into all kinds of (self made) problems - and then express negative views and opinions over RHEL that is unwarranted (and instead proclaim the greatness of Windows)?

        There are always 2 sides to a coin. :-)
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          Are you saying +"we remove the traffic lights and hopefully there will be less accidents because less people will drive"+ ?
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            Well, that was exactly what happened while I was in Seatlle and there was enough snow to shutdown the city: it lost power for about a week. The traffic lights were out, but traffic moved through the intersections more safely and quickly than normal for just this reason.
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              I agree with you that a GUI on a server is not necessary at all, I never use it on my servers, but come on, we are not running Linux servers on old 386 computers anymore. I think the resources argument is a bit far fetched. In my experience I have never come across a case where the resources used by a graphical interface would make or break a server.

              Billy  Verreynne  wrote:
              A server has no need to run a GUI. And it is a waste of resources to run - not just memory resources, but also CPU wise.
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                IMO, the Linux GUI for administration is generally underdeveloped, which may question its existence. But so far I have not seen a compelling argument that explains why a GUI for common administration tasks is a bad thing. Whether or not to include advanced operations, or whether it is more efficient to leave them to a text interface, is probably a question of economics and talent.

                There was obviously more motivation in the past to to gain general user acceptance, like twm95, for instance. Knowing Windows and Apple in particular, it never crossed my mind to run Linux on my desktop. I think it's too bad that Linux did not focus on providing a state of the art Admin interface. I once had a DEC 3000 workstation, 15 years ago, which had a special connector for 3D glasses. I wonder where Linux will be in 10 years.
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                  Well it seems like the dinosaurs are back in charge doesn't it - we were looking to make a move to using Oracle Linux for our servers but after spending several days struggling with just getting it to install and reading the above stream, it is obvious that we shall be staying with Windows Server - I have old skills with Unix and moved to Windows through market pressures many years ago - I cannot justify the investment in moving back especially in light of the comments above...

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                    Installing Linux shouldn't be such a big deal. I wonder what you were struggling with. But if you want to discuss it, please create a new thread.


                    If you need a graphical Desktop it is possible:

                    Configure OEL 6.4 from Server mode to Desktop Mode


                    How useful it is depends on the purpose of the installation and how familiar you are with the system.


                    Old Unix skills are usually not going to help you much with the setup and configuration of any modern Linux system. You cannot simply switch from Windows server to RHEL and expect to find your way around. It does not even work switching from Linux to Windows. Linux system administration is a complete different than dealing with a Windows server, regardless of GUI or command line.


                    I personally understand the advantage of a graphical user interface, but I think there are more important aspects between Linux or Windows than a GUI.

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