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    Create accounting completed with warning


      Hello friends


      I'm facing an issue while running create accounting program in AR but its working fine in AP. The create accounting completes with warnings and account program completes with error.


      Excerpt from log file:

      An internal error has occurred in the program xla_ar_acct_hooks_pkg.main.


      Calling upgrade_11i_r12_post +

        Get 11i application to upgrade

      End upgrade_11i_r12_post -



      EXCEPTION OTHERS in arp_xla_extract_main_pkg.load_line_data_ctlgd

      Error      :User-Defined Exception

      EXCEPTION OTHERS in arp_xla_extract_main_pkg.extract

      Error      :User-Defined Exception

      Technical problem : Error encountered in product API for extract


      I've uploaded complete log file here.


      I saw some recommendations in previous posts but I can't recognize which one applies on my environment. File version of xlajecci.pkb is:


      strings -a $XLA_TOP/patch/115/sql/xlajecci.pkb | grep '$Header'

      REM $Header: xlajecci.pkb 120.59.12010000.2 2008/08/06 21:10:29 sbhaskar ship $




      Aneel Ahmed