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    Set default search column in Interactive Report

    Kevin Zhang
      Hi All:

      In APEX 4.0, for "Interactive Report" search function:

      If user doesn't select a column name to search for (this is done by click Magnifier glass icon), the IR will search "All Columns" that contains a string you have typed in the search bar.

      Is there a way to configure IR so that, by default, it will not search "All Columns", instead, it should search a particular column that I will specify when define this IR report.

      Why I am asking this? Here is my case:

      I have created a IR report to search employee information. By default, when user enters a string in the search bar, user want to search "Emploee Full Name" column in my IR report. User wants this default search behavior and really doesn't want to "click Magnifier glass icon and select "Employee Full Name" column; then type the search string).

      Basically, in my case, the IR report should default to search "Employee Full Name" if user doesn't select any search column.

      Any idea how to achieve this?