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    OPA and EBS Order Management

    Dave Lipinski Applications-Oracle

      I am an ERP Sales Consultant and only have a cursory understanding of OPA


      I am working with an existing Oracle EBS Order Management customer that ships building materials from their distribution centers to customer work-sites or warehouses.   They have identified 25 different scenarios of how product might be returned to them (damaged, wrong item, ordered wrong, et cetera)   They are looking for assistance in automating the policy/process of these returns.   In different scenarios the users must go to different EBS screens and fill out different fields.  In some scenarios decisions need to be routed to specific approvers.


      I think OPA is a good fit here for writing up these policies but I have not seen any examples of where OPA actually drives behavior in an EBS OM application.  Are there demos/examples of this?


      I have downloaded and reviewed the "Oracle Policy Automation Tutorial - How to Integrate Web Services with Oracle Web Determinations" zip file.   This is a good start but I was hoping to see something that was interacting with Oracle Forms and interacting several times with EBS in one business flow

      Is there another example available I can share with a customer?

      Thank you

      Dave Lipinski

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          I am  not familiar with OPA.


          We had to customize the Returns Workflow to route to different approvers depending upon the .amount of returns.

          If < 1000 no approvers, > 1000 & < 10000 one set of approvers, > 10000 another set of approvers.


          Approver names were stored in a custom lookup type.


          There is one form Order Organizer to enter Returns information.

          Can you explain "users must go to different EBS screens and fill out different fields".