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    Launch Console fails: the vnc viewer is not installed on the manager server and no local vnc viewer is found.




      I have created and started a VM image and try to configure this image, but when launching the console I get the error:


      "the vnc viewer is not installed on the manager server and no local vnc viewer is found."


      I've read the vnc console does not rely on a local version of the vnc client, but uses the java vnc.  From the java log I get:


      Java Web Start 1.6.0_43

      Using JRE version 1.6.0_43-b01 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM

      User home directory = C:\Users\kgraaf



      28-jun-2013 10:17:04 com.oracle.ovm.ras.proxy.RasProxyApplet main

      INFO: ServiceType : VNC

      28-jun-2013 10:17:04 com.oracle.ovm.ras.proxy.external.ViewerLauncherFactory getViewerLauncher

      INFO: Os is : windows 7


      It is not clear to me yet what is expected to be running where. My configuration is:


      - VM Server 3.1 on Linux host A

      - VM Manager 3.1 on Linux host B

      - Connected via Windows 7 64-bit client via a browser to the Management Server. Let's call this host C


      When launching the console it tries to connect to so to localhost and a port#.


      - Given this information I would expect it tries to launch the vncviewer from my management server (host B).

      - /usr/bin/vncviewer is installed on host B, but this appears not to be used.

      - We see java vnc is started on my Windows 7 client (host C) and it tries to connect to (localhost on my Windows client??) and not to the remote management server (host B)!?




      1 - Can someone explain what exactly is being executed (from where and to which host) when launching the console?


      2 - Is this a java version / Windows 7 related configuration issue? How to fix this?