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    jquery UI tabs for multiple regions within the page :: Setfocus issue




      Anyone please help me with a proper approach.


      I have used the below link to create jquery UI tabs for my application. I have three data entry form regions in my page and each one of the form is a tab. Each form region has input items for the users to enter data and save the changes.


      Tabs within APEX (using jQuery) « Warp11 .::. Oracle Apex Knowledge Group


      I am trying to focus the cursor on the first input text item; when the tab index value is equal to 2; I able to alert  a test message; but when i try to set the focus; I am not able to do so. Below is my javascript code. I am using Oracle APEX 4.2.2 version and Oracle 11g r2 database. P1_SELECTED_TAB is an hidden item on the page and this item is part of the container region tab (parent region tab). I placed the below JS code in the region footer section of my parent region tab. I am trying to set the focus for the item named P1_ENAME.


      <script type="text/javascript">





         var a=new htmldb_Get(null,&APP_ID.,"APPLICATION_PROCESS=DUMMY",&APP_PAGE_ID.);


         var r=a.get();

          if(u.index == 2) { alert('Third Tab');  apex.jQuery("#P1_ENAME").focus(); }