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    JDev is creating multiple PageDefs




      I am creating a Dashboard, so I have many view objects (SQL based) that use bind parameters. In a Bounded Task Flow (BTF)  I drag from Data Controls the ExecuteWithParams onto the BTF, so that these bindings fire before displaying the page. (I then connect them with Control Flows)   But each time I drag a different ExecuteWithParams to the BTF, JDev creates a NEW PageDef file. For example:








      The DashBoard seems to work ok, but I do not understand why all these PageDef files are created (one pageDef file created for each drop of an ExecuteWithParams on the BTF)


      Is this expected behavior? or a Bug?


      I tried pre-creating the operation bindings in one PageDef, then dragging ExecuteWithParams to the BTF, but still the same problem.


      Is there a way to use a single PageDef for this DashBoard Use-Case?  Any suggestions?


      Thanks for the Help.