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    Installing ODP.NET, Managed Driver from Oracle Database 12c Install Package

    Alex.Keh .Product.Manager-Oracle

      These instructions apply the Oracle Database 12c on Windows install only. They do not apply to ODAC installs nor any subsequent database releases.


      The Oracle Database 12c on Windows installation package (32-bit client, 64-bit server, and 64-bit client) includes a xcopy installable version of ODP.NET, Managed Driver. Each of these installation packages contains both the ODP.NET, Managed Driver assemblies for 32-bit and 64-bit .NET Framework.


      To install ODP.NET, Managed Driver from the Oracle Database 12c on Windows installation package, follow the instructions below.


      1. Download 32-bit Oracle Database 12c client, 64-bit Oracle Database 12c server or client for Windows.

      2. Install the software. Ensure that Oracle Data Provider for .NET is selected as a component to be installed.

      3. ODP.NET, Managed Driver is now installed on the machine. It must now be configured. Run the configure.bat script in one of the following directories:

      • For 32-bit .NET Framework: ORACLE_HOME\odp.net\managed\x86
      • For 64-bit .NET Framework: ORACLE_HOME\odp.net\managed\x64


      Each directory contains an unconfigure.bat if ODP.NET, Managed Driver needs to be unconfigured and removed from the machine.