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    how does the data store in the management repositories of oem

    Little Foot-Oracle

      Hi Guys,


      need clarification on how do the data gets stored in the management rep.,
      as i know it is a database which contains the data about the oem environment, now if i create a dashboard or a blackout or something else does it create a .xml file and then store teh data into the tables in repo.


      please guide me on how this is done.

      if a related  .xml file is lost, then the data in db is lost ?

      i hope its not the case.


      i have a blackout on a host but all the dependent targets are alive,  when trying to end blackout it gives error message:


      this can be cleared using the method in oracle note : ID 740619.1




      Now what i want to know is, can we not have a workaround for this, without installing emdiag or nor reconfiguring the target(only host).


      previously i used and have cleared the blackout with the following commands :


      SELECT blackout_guid FROM MGMT_BLACKOUTS WHERE blackout_name = 'xxxxxxxxx'


      exec mgmt_diag.KillBlackout(HEXTORAW('aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'));




      if there is work around of something like this please help me.


      Thanks and Regards,