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        Well I think people are going to need to read up on desktop virtualization and try it.
        Start with something popular like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, VNC,etc etc.

        I think you ios users should report on what things you have tried and how they did not work if they did not work so one of you
        can go on and try something else until you collectively find something that works, more or less. I don't think that applications that
        were not designed for touchscreen tend to be very usable with touchscreen. So even if it works it probably will not work nicely. Even back in 2007 they had touchscreen tablets and I recall trying to use forms with it and it was very awkward. Also forms lacks features needed to adapt to touchscreens.

        And here's one you probably didn't hear about:


        Wow that is really a lot of stuff someone would have to buy and configure for that. I can't imagine it myself. And they don't use
        the windows 7 or 64 bit word in there anywhere that I can see it.
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          We are insterested on Oracle virtual desktop solution, anyone implement it successfully for running forms on iPad ?

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            and Citrix might be a good option for running forms on iPad ?
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              It looks like someone finally found a good solution for this issue.
              Checkout Grant Rolands blog
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                I don't quite understand the above, is there any details on it ? (ie. step by step installation guide...)

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                  Anybody tried running Forms on Oracle's new iPad app Oracle Virtual Desktop?
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                    There is a more recent thread talking about Oracle Forms on iPad in this forum, that may help you https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2557933

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