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    Defining the default value for a page item


      I've got a page item named P3_MY_ITEM defined in a interactive report page.

      When my application goes to this page, I want that in my P3_MY_ITEM text field it's reported the value performed by a PL/SQL.

      I've tried to Edit Page Item and in Source --> Source Type I've chosen PL/SQL Expression and in Source Value or Expression I've inserted something like this:

      :P3_MY_ITEM := 'xxxxxxxxx';

      but it doesn't work.

      When I run the application I get:

      PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "BEGIN" when expecting one of the following: ( - + case mod new ......


      Perhaps I've put things in the wrong manner or in the wrong place


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          You could change the source type to "PL/SQL Function Body".

          Or leave the source type and only enter 'xxxxxxxxx' in the source value or expression field.

          You could also use a computation to assign the value to the item, especially if your pl/sql expression is doing some sql which should be refreshed with a new page load.

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