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    Customize/secure webdav root



      I'm a new user to webdav using protocol server on Oracle Database 12c. I am wondering if there any way to customize the root (/) when you log on with webdav.

      For example, after logon on the webdav endpoint, the directory lists shows :








      What I'd like would be to show only directories I want to be shown. In this situation, only dbfs would be nice. In addition, is there any way to alias a directory in this dir list? I mean, change dbfs/ to home/, it'd be clearer for an end user...


      Thank you!

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          Marco Gralike

          Not sure what you are allowed to do regarding /dbfs, dbfs, for that matter. It is part of the securefile development group and within the XMLDB Realm of things, "we" only make it visible, although it is now a supported part in Oracle 12c. Privileges etc work in dbfs differently than in Oracle XMLDB.




          As mentioned in the Securefiles and Large Objects manual of 12c:


          > "Note that features implemented by the XDB repository, such as repository events, resource configurations, and ACLs, are not available for the /dbfs folder"


          Therefore from a viewpoint of XMLDB server protocols, it is difficult to get it setup the way you want to and/or (if doable) this will be supported. DBFS (NFS) has been implemented differently than the XMLDB server protocols (HTTP, WebDAV, FTP, ...)