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    Understanding Weblogic12c Failover Mechanism




      I have a Weblogic12c cluster configured as follow:


      1) I have this configuration:


      Physical Host A:

      Machine: Machine1

      Admin Server, port: AdminServer, 7001

      Managed Server, port: APEX_server1 7002


      Physical Host B:

      Machine: Machine2

      Admin Server, port: AdminServer, 7001

      Managed Server, port: APEX_server2 7002


      Cluster: MyCluster

      Cluster Address;,


      2) When the cluster is created:


      I can access my application as:



      If server APEX_server1 or gets down, how can I implement an url redirect from to


      I understand that:


      WebLogic Cluster is primarily for Session Replication and Failover. Meaning when one of the hosting server (Managed Server) in a cluster fails, the user can still finish their transaction without any interruption.

      The WebLogic Cluster propagates the user session across the Cluster members. Does this mean that it happend in the "background" and has nothing to do with accessing the url I tries above?


      Thanks by advance for explanations.


      Kind Regards.