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    Calculated non-base table field in a tabular form


      I am struggling with creating a non-base table calculated field in a tabular form in ApEx 3.1

      Can you point me in the right direction


      I thought this would be fairly easy to do, but I cant work out how to do it




      1) Tabular Form based on a table with QTY and PRICE columns

      2) TOTAL is a non-base table field, based on QTY * PRICE

      3) If the Qty or Price changes, the TOTAL should be re-calculated





      ===    =====  =====

      3       5          15

      10      50         500

      20      3           60



      ApEx 3.1, Oracle 10 and Oracle 11 databases

      I recommended to upgrade to a newer version of ApEx but the request was rejected so Im stuck with 3.1