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    SGD version confusion & upgrade paths (4.61 to 4.7 or 5.0)




      I'm a little bit confused. I'll have to upgrade an SGD installation in the near future and I've come across a strange situation. The version currently running is 4.61.911 - at least that's what 'tarantella version' displays. Customer wants to upgrade to 5.0 for which 4.61 is not in the upgrade path according to the releas notes. However, both, 4.7 and 4.62.913 which I've downloaded from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, are. The funny thing is: both intermediate versions do not have our exact version 4.61.911 in *their* upgrade path as well, but they have:


      - 4.60.911

      - 4.61.915


      That's consistent across both release notes. Our version number looks like a mixture of those two with the minor version .61 and the patch level .911


      I assume upgrading to either 4.62.913 or 4.7 should still be possible but it puzzles me that I can't find my particular version in the release notes. Has anyone of you encountered a similar situation and is able to shed some light on this?


      Many thanks in advance & kind regards,


      Henning Halfpap

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          What you have is an early release of SGD 4.61.  You can probably safely upgrade from SGD 4.61.911 to SGD 4.63 (not 4.62) or 4.71 (just released last week) would be the best thing to do.  Try it in the lab first before production.  From 4.63 you can go to 5.0.

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            Hi, MrBrown,


            many thanks for the quick reply! It seems we'll go for 4.71 - at least for now: our main reason for the upgrade is that the certificates of the Java applets in Version 4.61 have expired and we expect that the applets in Version 4.71 have been signed recently so their certificates will be valid for a while. Is there any way to find out the period of validity of the applets' certificates *without* installing the package and trying the applet in the browser? Or does anyone have either 4.7, 4.71 or 5.0 installed and can tell me how long the Java applets' certificates will be valid? Wer are looking for a validtity period of at least two years (until 2015).


            Thanks again & Kind regards,


            Henning Halfpap