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    Applying patch 14681306 to EM12c WebLogic environment (JDBC CPUOCT2012)


      I'm running EM12cR2+PSU2 on Linux x86-64 and I'd like to take the advice of the security patch recommendations OEM provides and apply patch 14681306 to the WebLogic server targets it recommends (EMGC_ADMINSERVER, EMGC_OMS1, BIP). I'm usually reasonably capable of following instructions but the readme on this patch leaves many questions in my mind.  I don't have any other WebLogic in use that I could compare to, only that which supports EM12c.


      Briefly, the updated drivers in this patch are to be manually installed to one's WLS environment by overwriting the ojdbc*.jar files you already have in place.  When extracted, the patch zipfile includes several ojdbc*.jar files to use to overwrite those files.  So far so good.  But under my $MW_HOME, I have 12 copies of ojdbc6.jar, and at least 8 different versions of it, based on their filesizes and the versions reported from running "java -jar ojdbc6.jar" against them.  For ojdbc5.jar I have 11 copies of 8 different versions.


      My question is:  Which of the ojdbc*.jar files under $MW_HOME should be replaced by the versions released in this patch? Every single one?  Only those under $MW_HOME/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/?  Include or skip the ones under $MW_HOME/Oracle_WT/ and $MW_HOME/oracle_common/ and $MW_HOME/oms/?


      Any advice available from someone that has applied this fix without breaking their OEM installation?