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    APEX 4.0 Combination Chart

    Mike Mac

      I've just had a most informative on-line chat with an Anychart representative who confirmed that combination charts (in my case scatter and line charts) is included in Anychart 5.1.3 which is the version included in APEX 4.0.

      I've looked but I see no possibility to build a combination chart in APEX 4.0.

      Any one know how to build a combination chart?

      Does one have to license Anychart separately for this?


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          Hilary Farrell-Oracle
          Hi Mike,

          You do not need to obtain a separate license in order to use this functionality in APEX 4.0. I've got an example of a Combined chart on apex.oracle.com: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=36648:10 . Basically, the 'Series Type' item on the Chart Series page, is used in the generation of a Combined chart. In the case of my example, I've used a multi-series query, and selected to generate a chart of type 3D Column. I then edited the Chart Series, and set the 'Series Type' to Line. As my query is multi-series, the setting of 'Series Type' to Line is only applied to the first series of that query. If I were to have a number of separate queries for my chart, then each query could have a different Series Type, allowing you to display a combination of Bars, Lines, and Markers on your chart.

          Please note that the setting of 'Series Type' does not apply to Scatter charts, so you could not automatically generate a combined Scatter & Line chart. I've just been looking at the online AnyChart Chart Combinations table, and the combination of a Scatter and Line chart on the one data plot is not actually supported: http://anychart.com/products/anychart/docs/users-guide/Chart-Combination-Table.html#5 .

          I hope this helps.

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            K Cannell

            Hello Hilary, all,


            I have a need for a combination line and scatter plot in APEX 4.2 ...

            seems like Anychart can do this now .. does that give us the ability to do it in APEX 4.2 + ?



            Scatter Plot: Combination of Line and Marker Charts</title> <link href="../styles/sample-toolbar.css"…

            If APEX still cannot do this, I will need to come up with something - the need is for a set of guidelines - a box, for example - to clearly illustrate points in and out of quality bounds.  In our case the solid lines are constant for all plots.  The Scatter points and series will change according to data.



            Thank you,


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              Mike Mac

              Hi Hillary


              I have progressed big time since my original question.


              I have purchased a full-use license of AnyChart which allows the use the full AnyChart suite with all options.


              This can be viewed and accessed here:- http://anychart.apex-evangelists.com/pls/apex/f?p=AIK4:HOME:0:::::


              Integrating this into APEX 4.2 was, at first, a major hurdle - But Hilary came through for me.


              Once you have purchased and downloaded the full AnyChart software, all you have to do is:-

              Replace the OracleAnyChart.swf  file with the licensed AnyChart.swf (renaming it to OracleAnyChart.swf) in the /images/flashchart/anychart_6/swf/ directory and then re-load the images - according to your listener as shown in the APEX install documentation.


              You will then have access to ALL AnyChart charts - you just set the parameters / options of each chart in the custom HTML.


              The results are brilliant and the quality is stunning.