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    How to display blob as text in APEX


      hi All,


      I am developing an apex application using the apex cloud (apex.oraclecorp.com). I am using the DB link to show the data on APEX UI. I have a blob data which is stored in the remote DB, and I want to display the BLOB data as text on a popup or a new page or a download link.


      I tried using display only item but APEX throws an error saying that remote DB is not supported. Also, It would be great if I can just show a download link on the UI for the BLOB data, again when I try to select the format as BLOB in the column attributes, When I give the table@dblink as BLOB table I get an error saying that "table@DBLINK not found".


      Is there any way to display the BLOB data as text or download it which is present in my local DB?

      Please help me out.