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    Screen Resolution  independent Page in adf

    Munna 502

      Hi Gurus,

      I am new in adf. I am using I want to design a page in ADF which is independent of screen size. This application mostly run on mobile device and also on desktop. I want if the size of screen is bigger then components should increase the size and if screen size is small the components should be small in size as well as also font size. There should be no scroll bars. Please advice me how i can do this.




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          Have you mocked your screens up? Typically it doesn't make sense to just "make things smaller" for mobile. There are a few ways to go about implementing this, but I hate to see people wasting effort. I always just do some quick drawings on paper that are super rough, but just get the basic layout idea first.


          When it gets time to implement, you can use skinning to provide different looks for different devices, but you will still be limited by the layout you did for your page. It could be a lot of work to do it through skinning alone, but some of the stuff is already done for you, and may look good without any extra work, but don't think you will get away with no skinning to do. You could also use switchers to provide different page content, if you are not comfortable with going really deep into skinning and messing with geometry, which is not recommended.

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            Prabhat Nayak

            Hi Shahzad,

            If you will add the content of your page inside panel form layout, bar will come.



            ....add your display Content....





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              Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle

              Usually the page layout for a mobile device will be completely different than the one for a desktop machine.

              If all you want to do is make thing "bigger" than skinning based on platform is the solution.

              In terms of achieving a single layout that adopts to smaller screens see this: