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    Problem to use Skillbuilder plug-in calendar


      Hi ALl,


      I donwload skillbuilder plug-in calendar from



      I followed the instruction to add a column from table as title shown in my calendar.



      SELECT NULL AS id, 
      title AS title, 
      'false' AS all_day, 
      TO_CHAR(start_date, 'YYYY-MM-DD"T"HH24:MI:SS') AS start_date, 
      NULL AS end_date, 
      NULL AS url, 
      NULL AS class_name 
      FROM events 

      However, I don't know why there is a "12a" in front of the title in my calendar? I have gone through the SQL but I still couldn't figure it out.  I will appreciate if you can shed some lights on me.


      Best Regards