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    Backup root disks


      Hi all!


      Please I would appreciate some inputs on the following:


      I have inherited a SUN BLADE chassis with 6 T6320 server modules, in which there is only 1 root disk in all of them. I need to do a backup of the root disk in case those disk crash. But there is no backup device attached to it. So please can I have some ideas how to solve this problem.  Edit/Delete Message

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          You can backup the root filesystem to a file using "ufsdump 0uf /path-to-file /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0" after going to single user mode. You can use that file to restore the UFS root file system in case of HDD outage.




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            Ok, but if I loose the output of ufsdump command I will loose the backup copy as well... I can put it on another server, but how to restore it

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              Of course you need to put the dump in another server as in case of outage you will loose the backup too. You can put it to a removable media but I am not 100% sure if the ufsrestore will work when you restore the root UFS as you have to boot from Solaris 10 DVD in single-user mode and mount it to access the dump.


              You may check also this thread:



              It seems that it is possible to mount the USB drive when in single user mode. Hope it helps.




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