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    PERSONALIZED of Security Domain

      Hi, everyone:
      I have a JCOP2.4.1 Card, now i want to modify the state of Security Domain to PERSONALIZED, what should i do ?

      my card state:

      Card Manager AID : A000000003000000
      Card Manager state : OP_READY

      Application: SELECTABLE (-----D--) A00102030405
      Sec. Domain: SELECTABLE (S-------) A00000000307
      Load File : LOADED (--------) A0000000035350 (Security Domain)
      Module : A000000003535041
      Load File : LOADED (--------) A011223344
      Module : A01122334401

      first , i select A00000000307, pass .
      second, i try to init-update 255 and ext-auth plain, it is also passed.
      third , i send the command
      /send 80F0400F06A00000000307
      it returns 6D00, what is the reason ? who can tell me ? thank you for all ...