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    Instalation procedure





      I'm trying to use the last managed driver version and i want to know if my procedure is correct:



      First, as i need the visual studio developer tools, i'm installing ODP.NET_Managed_1120360_32bit_Beta selecting only the minimum required options plus the developer tools. The installer forces me to install ODP.net

      When the instalation concludes, I'm installing winnt_12c_client32, selecting only ODP.Net.

      After the instalation, I'm unconfiguring the managed ODP.Net driver version and configuring the 12c version.



      I'm doing it right?




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          Alex Keh - Product Manager-Oracle

          The ODT 11.2 Beta 2 is only designed to work with the ODP.NET 11.2 Beta 2. It probably will work with ODP.NET 12c (though we haven't tested it), but I don't see why you need to unconfigure it even if you install ODP.NET 12c.


          Have the ODT beta continue to use the ODP.NET beta. Then just use ODP.NET 12c to develop your applications.


          If you can wait a week or so, we'll have an ODAC 12c download available so that you don't need to perform two installs and can use production software.


          If you do install managed ODP.NET from the Oracle DB 12c client, there is an additional configuration script to manually run. This only applies to managed ODP.NET in the DB 12c install. It doesn't apply to any ODAC install.