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    How to upgrade EM to


      We are running Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Release 2.   I see that release 3 is available for download, but I don't want to do a new install, I want to upgrade what I have.

      I admit to being a little confused about the terminology. When I go to Oracle support and look for patches, there is Enterprise Manager for Oracle databases, Enterprise Manager for Cloud, ....

      When I look under the Oracle databases, I only see up to 11.2 and it looks like this might be database control.  There is a Enterprise Manager Base Platform, perhaps that's what I want, but

      I don't see a patch set update, I only see a bunch of patches.


      Anyone have any insights into this? 

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          I probably should have read the documentation first.  The names are still confusing, but after downloading the docs for it looks like the upgrade is done with the OUI with a one-system upgrade.

          I wonder how many have done this, it's a little disconcerting to me to do this over my production EM.  I only have one place to do this.  I guess that's what backups are for.

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            Akanksha Sheoran Kaler-Oracle

            Em release3 ( is a patchset release also know as minor release which is incremental release over the base version 12c. To upgrade to EM from 12.1.0.x you have to download the em binaries and then invoke the runinstaller à choose 1-system upgrade option. Note upgrade from 12.1.0.x to is with downtime


            High-level steps-

            Step 1: Bring down your (with bp1) / OMS and invoke  EM runInstaller

            Step 2: Upgrade your OMS and repository  (Use1-system option in Installer)

            Step 3: You will get Agent upgrade console ( AUC) in the EM console

            Step 4: Use AUC to upgrade your (with bp1),  agents to


            Refer following collateral-

            Understanding Enterprise Manager Upgrade and Agent Upgrades



            Upgrade guide



            You can try the mock upgrade in your test system so that you are aware of the steps.  Also make sure that you take back up of OMS, REP, AGENT, central inventory, softwrae lib . before doing any upgrade

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              I did an upgrade from R2/ to R3/ on my production Linux x86-64 EM12c server yesterday.  Akanksha's advice about stepping through it in a test system is a great idea but some of us just don't have one.  So at least one of us has taken the plunge.  I had one small problem with one of my sandbox agents (it was my fault, since I had the agent on a tiny filesystem that filled up and then I accidentally deleted a backup the upgrade process makes), but other than that everything appears to be working perfectly and the upgrade was very smooth.  Read through the upgrade guide carefully and it is pretty straightforward.


              If you have the capability to do it, my preferred way to back things up is to shutdown your OMS and repository database and take a storage snapshot of the volumes containing them before starting the upgrade.  Then you can very quickly revert to the snapshot if you have problems.

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                Thanks Brian, I appreciate the info.