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    Text & Shading


      We have the need to set up a form where we have what looks like white text on top of a shaded box.   However, our issue is that we are using a black & white Xerox printer.   Even if we check the "print in color" boxes, when we sent the print to the printer, it prints in Black.   We have tried getting around this by creating a xerox font (using the logo editor) that looks similar, but when the logo editor changed the black/white pattern of a bitmap to create the shaded effect of the logo, it lost quite a bit of quality.


      Has anyone else experienced something similar, and how have you gotten around this?




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          When you only have black and white bitmaps, it's very difficult to create readable white text on a black and white pattern. You need to make the edges of the white text clearly distinct. The simplest method might be to get a hollow outline font to use and place the text using the hollow font on top of your shade. A hollow font would probably clear the black and white background around the text. That effect may or may not be a good compromise for you. There may be a good graphic editor (anyone have a suggestion?) that would allow you to do something similar without clearing the background beneath the text.