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    Any specific disadvantage of using DataPump for upgrade ?




      Here's my config


      SERVER A

      Source O/S : Win 2003

      Source DB : ( 32 bit )

      DB Size : 100 GB


      SERVER B

      Target O/S : Win 2008 R2 sp1

      Target DB : ( 64 bit )


      I have to upgrade 10g Database of server A , by installing 11g on Server B. I have not used database upgrade assistant or RMAN or similar utilities to perform a 10g upgrade to 11g anytime in the past.


      Here is my question ...


      a) I was planning to use datapump to perform this upgrade ( Downtime is not a issue ), since I know how to use datapump, do you guys see any potential problem with this approach ? OR

      b) Based on your exp. would you suggest that i should avoid option (a) because of potential issues and use other methods that oracle suggests like upgrade assistants etc


      I am open to both options, it's just that since i am not a expert at this point of time, i was hesitating a bit to go with option (b)


      db is supposed to undergo from 32 to 64 bit. Not sure if this would be deal breaker.


      Note : The upgrade is suppose to happen on 2nd server. Can somebody provide high level steps as pointer.