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    Login Activity

      Is there any audit records of who has accessed the application by module? For instance, the number of unique NPD users in the past 6 months?
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          Logins are recorded in the event logs on the server as informational logs. If you can capture those logs on a daily basis you can see how many users login.
          Hope that helps.
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            Matt J-Oracle
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              We also need to capture all log-in activity like Chris do, but capturing by using event logs is not 100 percent correct. I try to test with many user in remote area, we found that after they log-in to PLM. Event logs didn't record anything, but when i ask some colleague whom sit close to me, for login. I found that it's record correctly. I don't know why?

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                Ron M-Oracle

                I'm not sure that I understand your scenario, or what you are saying isn't working. Can you explain?


                Every time a user is logged in, a message gets added to the event log, like so:

                User: <username> has logged in at <datetime>...

                Are you not seeing that in the logs?


                Otherwise, you could log an enhancement request, or perhaps even write a customization to the authentication strategy that does some custom logging of user logins.