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    imports apex applications without schema/sys passwords ??


      Hi Experts -  I am not sure if I am in weird position.

      we got more that 50 apex apps, Deploying it through apex console is becoming pain.

      we wont get sys or schema passwords. etc  as databases are controlled by DBA's,  We only get apex_public_user password, internal, workspace admin passwords.

      If there is any need of schema association for any applications/workspace, We login to internal workspace and map schema to workspace.


      I read couple of blogs which discussed about automating the deployments through sqlplus

      connecting as sys or schema user,  will not work for us. Want to know if there is anyway I can import deployments without logging into workspace.


      We already have workspaces and applications. The deployments will be for updating existing application or deploying new application in existing workspaces.



      Oracle Application Express 4.1