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    Oracle AVDF Database Firewall -  Status check error


      Hi all,




      We are using Oracle Audit Vault & Database Firewall 12.1.0. After checking the status of the database Firewall, in the diagnostic report, we keep getting the following errors:



           Checking bridges:                                                                       - FAILED                                       

           Checking permissions on policy file oracle-policy_62.xml          - FAILED



      The first error goes away if we manually delete from system every traffic source/proxy configuration file, but as soon as we create a new one from management console, the error returns.



      The second error is about the file `oracle-policy_62.xml`, we have located it in the directory /usr/local/dbfw/upload/ and as I can tell from reading it, it is a kind of configuration file of the active firewall policy on the secure target. So, what can it be?




      Thank You.