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    How to iterate over the attributes of a single entity?


      I am working on a logical model transformation script. I take a list of all entities:


           var entities = model.getEntitySet().toArray();


      iterate over the entities:


           for (var e = 0; e < entities.length; e++) {

              var entity = entities[e];

      and try to get a list of all attributes for the current entity:


              var attributes = entity.getAttributeSet().toArray();


      After that I try to iterate over the attributes:


              for (var a = 0; a < attributes.length; a++) {

                  var attribute = attributes[a];


      While iterating over the attributes I realized that the list is always the same. I get always a list of all attributes probably of the whole model even for entities without any attribute.


      How can I get a list of the attributes for one single entity?