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    Regarding Heartbeat in RAC 11gR2




      This week and completed RAC 11gR2 installation on Linux environment successfully.


      Now customer's NETWORK guy raised one more point related to heartbeat and requested us to change from single heartbeat to dual(may be multi) heartbeat.       Can any body share me the links related to this? I am doing further cheks on this through MOS.


      1) How to check what kind of heartbeat is being configured.

      2) how to change to dual/Multi heart beat mode. etc.......


      Thanks in-advance for your support.




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          Ed Rudans

          Starting from there are new feature called High Availability Interconnect, which allows you to create up to 4 interconnects. In reality, even if you configure only 1 interconnect, all 4 will be created. Having several interconnects simplify the ip change if required somewhere in the future, along with loadbalancing and failover capabilities.

          Check my blogpost regarding the topic: erudans.blogspot.com