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    Help needed with Custom Web ADI Integrator for Mail Merge


      I've created a custom web adi integrator to generate letters to advise of end of probationary periods.

      The problem is that at the end of the process when the letter is opened in Word 2007, it only displays one record, and does not allow me to "preview results" and cycle through the records (this part is greyed out). It appears that the letter is not merged with the data spreadsheet although it does display one record from it.

      Our EBS version is 12.1.3 and we are using Office 2007.

      These are the steps I have followed so far (in brief):
      - Create a view to provide data (names, addresses etc).
      - Set up a new custom function (similar to seeded function HR Integrator Setup).
      - Add the custom function and other functions to Desktop Integration responsibility.
      - Add the relevant functions to end user's responsibility menu.
      - Add new category "other" to HR_ADI_DOCUMENT_TYPE lookup.
      - Create Download Excel Integrator by choosing Desktop Integration -> HR Integrator Setup. Enter "PER" for application and my view for the View Name. Upload.
      - Create another Excel document by choosing Desktop Integration -> HR Maintain Form Function Associations, and choose the integrator created above. Enter my custom function name in the generated spreadsheet and upload.
      - Define a layout for the new integrator.
      - Run the integrator under the end user responsibility and save the resulting spreadsheet, which is full of data as expected.
      - Create the letter in Word, using the saved spreadsheet as the data source for the merge. At this point the merge is successful.
      - Go to Desktop Integration -> Document Management and upload the Word mail merge document. Associate it with the custom document type created earlier.
      - Link this document to my integrator.
      - Go in as end user responsibility and run the integrator.

      At this point after enabling macros it loads 2 spreadsheets (one full of data) and the Word document, but the Word document only displays one record (approx the 10th in the list - there are about 100 in total). All of the relevant merge-related menu items on the "Mailings" tab are greyed out.

      Can anyone offer any pointers please?
      I did wonder whether it mattered if I changed the names of documents, e.g when I download and save the resulting spreadsheet full of data which I then use to merge to in the Word Doc, is it OK to call the spreadsheet anything or should it be left as the default name?

      Many thanks,