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    compare content of 2 databases




      I hope you can help me:

      I'm working on a project, which has the goal to migration from an old legacy application (using an informix db) to a complete new application (using an oracle db).


      1.) I'm now looking for oracle tools where I can test the db-content of one informix-db (source) with the content of the oracle db (target). The migration strategy is now that the two applications run in pararell and we will compare the content of the db's regulary and it would be create if we can script this. (so it runs automatically).

      Do you have any recommandations which oracle product could support that? I have also read about the Oracle® Migration Workbench, but for me it seems that it is not build to compare the datacontent, it is more a tool to create a completely new source db from informix data to oracledata.


      2.) For the new system it is planned to have a great new test system as well. So I also would like to compare data in one Oracle instance (test-instance) with the production environment. (also Oracle db.) (Because there are running some sensible scripts, which always HAVE to produce the same output.)

      Do you have any recommendation for that as well?