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    Master Item attributes

      What is the diff betn a)Purchased and Purchasable, b)Customer Ordered and Customer Ordered Enabled in Master Items form?
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          There are seven item deifining attibutes.Purchased and Customer Ordered are two of them.

          But what does does it mean to set an attribute to Purchased is defined by Purchasable. SO if an itme is purchaseable that means that item defining atribute Purchased is set for that item.

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            One is status controlled and the other is not.
            Purchasable & Customer Ordered Enabled - Under status controlled
            you cannot change these without changing the status of the item.

            Purchased and Customer Ordered - Not under status controlled.

            If you change the values of these automatically the values of Purchasable & Customer Ordered Enabled set.

            This means, if you do not want to change the status of the item but change only one of these attributes use the attributes that are not under status control (Purchased or CUstomer ordered) to stop buying or selling.

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              Let me try and explain this from a business prespective , expanding to Nagamohan's reply.

              There are times when an item is defined as purchased and purchasable. Now for some reason the item is declared obsolete or the vendor is sending bad quality samples. So for some reason you would like to stop all purchasing activities for this item. In this case the purshasable check box can be ticked "off ". So the purchasing activities for this item will be on hold. Once a new vendor is identified and the business is ready to go resume the Purchasing activities , then you can tick "on" the checkbox.(Note that you can not have purchasable OM and purchased OFF).

              Q : So why have 2 checkboxes ?

              If the purchasable is ticked off for some reason , we/the system still knows that this is a purchased item.This can be used for analytics /reports etc.

              Same analogy holds true for customer enabled.

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                Small correction: You cannot tick off the Purchasable or Customer Orderable flag.

                They are status controlled. Only by changing the status you can enable or disable these attributes. Status allows you track the life cyle of the product (in a simple way).

                If you turn-off the Purchasable Flag, you cannot create Purchase orders any more. But having Purchased flag on allows you to receive against the existing approved POs.

                Same holds good for Customer Orderable and Customer Ordered. Diabling customer orderable stops you from creating Sales Orders, but having Customer Ordered allows you ship the existing orders.

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                  Thanks , The last 2 points were helpful.
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                    Great explanation. Thanks a lot!!
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                      Hi Nagamohan,

                      in my master items, the 'order management' tab is enabled but custom ordered, custom order enabled check boxes are greyed out.
                      how to make them enable them and check them.

                      Thanks in advance,
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                        Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                        Is Order Management installed?

                        SELECT      b.status
                        FROM apps.fnd_application_tl a,
                                  apps.fnd_product_installations b,
                        apps.fnd_application fa
                        WHERE a.LANGUAGE = 'US'
                        AND a.application_id = b.application_id
                        AND a.application_id = fa.application_id
                        and fa.application_short_name='ONT'
                        --AND  (b.status != 'N' OR patch_level IS NOT NULL)
                        ORDER BY APPLICATION_NAME

                        Is the status S or I?
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                          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                          user11982715 , please create new thread for new questions.
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                            amit srivastava

                            Nice logic.

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                              amit srivastava

                              But we cannot unchecked purchasable if purchased is checked.