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    rac db on asm


      how to mount 11g rac db when asm attibute compatible.rdbms set to 11.2

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          11g rac db in

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            Have you raised the compatibility before upgrading the database? Advancing compatible.rdbms is, as far as I know, irreversible. You can of course get all the database files off the disk group. You could, for example, create another disk group with lower compatibility, and use the asmcmd utility to copy the files to the new group (or to a file system).


            John Watson

            Oracle Certified Master DBA


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              Thanks John for your guidance.

              Yes I raised db compatibility before db upgrade. How stupid I was. This is physical standby database. I upgraded crs from to grid In order to relocate ocr and voting from raw devices to ASM I raised asm and db compatibility of all asm disk groups. I should not have raised db compatibility. Now to get around this issue I have to do

              1. Create asm diskgroups with lower db compatibility.

              2. Copy all files from diskgroups to new disk groups. I guess I need to use COPY command of asmcmd utility. Please correct me if I am wrong.

              What are the next steps to mount the standby database ?

              I really thankful for your help.

              Our production primary database is crs is in Once we mount standby database, we are going to upgrade our primary database.

              Thnaks so much. 

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                I would think that having moved the files you will need to adjust your control_files parameter to point to the new location of the controlfile, startup mount, and issue a series of ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE commands to update the controlfile with the new location of the data, temp, and log files. At some point you'll need to re-create or move the spfile, too. And don't forget your archivelog destinations(s). Then redo apply should run OK. Good luck!


                Incidentally, my preference is to create one small, high redundancy, disk group with five little devices and use that exclusively for vote files and OCR.

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                  Thanks John for your valuable guidance and help.

                  I will sure follow the procedure suggested. Yes I need good luck. Will update once I could able to bring standby in sync with primary.

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                    I was able to mount standby database after creating asm diskgroups with compatibility for asm and database and copy all files. Rename all data files, log files and temp files. When started recovery using "alter database recover managed standby database disconnect", I am getting 3113 end of file communication.

                    Nothing is written to alert log files. Am I missing any thing please ? -Chou

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                      I got around 3113 error by increasing memory target for asm instances. Recovered standby database by manually applying old archive logs.

                      Now the standby database is in sync with primary. Oh boy,  great relief. Thanks for your valuable help.