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    Node reachability check failed from node




      I am trying to install Oracle RAC in my vmware. I have configured public IP,private IP and VIP on both nodes and configured ssh also. I am able to reach both the nodes from one another through ping as well as ssh with hostnames,but before starting my cluster installation i checked the pre request with ./runcluvfy.sh stage -pre crsinst -n  Rhel52.localdomain.com,rhel5.localdomain.com -verbose command and it thows me the below mentioned error. I have no clue why i get this error inspite of the proper OS configuration.


      [oracle@rhel5 cluvfy]$ ./runcluvfy.sh stage -pre crsinst -n  Rhel52.localdomain.com,rhel5.localdomain.com -verbose

      Performing pre-checks for cluster services setup

      Checking node reachability...

      rhel5.localdomain: rhel5.localdomain


      Check: Node reachability from node "null"

        Destination Node                      Reachable?

        ------------------------------------  ------------------------

        rhel5                                 no

        Rhel52                                no

      Result: Node reachability check failed from node "null".



      Unable to reach any of the nodes.

      Verification cannot proceed.