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    IR Error Message


      Have been making some develpment changes.  System used to run.  Since my changes I'm getting a fatal error message:


      On Post Process () Event

      Script Error


      Under detail is says : System Stack Trace Unavailable


      What does any of this mean? How do I resolve this error message?

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          Also, what is a Post Process Event?  This may nelp me find the error.

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            There are 2 different Post Process Events


            1.  Off Data Model - these are events you want to take place on the database using SQL commands

            • Go to Query Section
            • Select DataModel from top Menu
            • From Menu select Data Model Options
            • On Data Model Options panel select Auditing.
            • if any of the Audit events have a check in them click the Define button and validate the SQL

            2.  In Event Scripts.

            • Select File from top Menu
            • From Menu select Document Scripts
            • at the top of the Script Editor panel there is a drop down
            • select OnPostProcess event.- Check out the javascript here


            good luck

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              This totally worked!  Thank you