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    OEM 12c and OVM on the same box?

    Roddy Rodstein

      Hi Guys and Girls!


      Thank you in advance for your support!


      Could you please share you experience, best practices and gotchas with installing OEM 12c and OVM on the same OL 5x box?


      We would like to install OEM 12 R2 on a OL57 server with an existing production (Oracle DB SE Oracle VM Manager installation.

      Some questions:

      1- Does Oracle support OEM and OVM on the same server?

      2- If Oracle VM Manager and the SE DB are already installed on an OL 57 server in /u01/app/oracle/product, can OEM 12c R2 be installed into /u01 as well, or should we use a different directoty, i.e. /u02?

      3- Will the OEM 12c installation program be able to use the same DB as Oracle VM Manager, i.e., its just creates the OEM DB schema and goes on its mary way without harming the Oracle VM Manager DB schema?


      Thank you,


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          Alessandro Baldoni

          Hi Roddy,

             IMHO, installing OEM 12c along Oracle VMM on the same machine will greatly increase the resource usage of your server.

             OEM 12c requires a lot of RAM: on the same server you'll have Oracle DB, Oracle WebLogic and, if you need it, Oracle BI.

             About your questions:

             1. there are no official documents stating the contrary but, if a problem arises, I think Oracle will suggest you to keep the two separated

             2. OEM 12c is installed under /u01/app/oracle/Middleware and shares nothing from your DB installation

             3. when installing OEM you can point the installer to an existing Oracle DB instance; it will create its own schema without harming the Oracle VMM schema.


             From my 2+ year experience with our Oracle VM production cluster, I had to reinstall Oracle VMM a few times to resolve some bugs (i.e. running tasks never ending), sometimes deleting the Oracle DB instance. I would'nt do that with OEM.

             A final note: Oracle VMM 3.2 uses MySQL as its default database.




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            Roddy Rodstein


            Thank you for your reply!

            The irony with my OEM and OVM on the same box question is that the Oracle Sales & Support teams as well as public Marketecture has been recommending collocating OEM & OVM!

            I agree with you 100% about resource consumption, and considering how often we must restore/reset Oracle VM Manager I am curious how supportable an OEM & OVM install is on the same box. 99% of my customers are not interested in supporting MySQL, i.e. the DBAs know Oracle not MySQL. As long as Oracle VM Manager resets (DB deletes) and UUID restores (uninstalls and re-installs)  will not damage OEM its all good.

            Thanks again for your support!


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              I see no problem co-locating on the same server. The Oracle VM manager really doesn't take that many resources and is rather small compared to a OEM 12c installation. I would plan for a standard OEM installation and then throw in a little extra for OVM.


              OEM has a few known memory issues that have work arounds or have been fixed in recent versions. If you're having memory issues, then search for the fixes. Instead of doing a UUID restore, you should try doing a database restore or a schema restore. A simple periodic export of the OVM schema should give you the ability to restore the OVM schema without touching the entire database. Never tried it, but it should be fine. I can't think of reason it wouldn't work.


              There is a VM template for the latest version of OEM. With the complexity associated with setting up a proper OEM environment, I would just build a VM guest from the template... but I don't think you would run into a lot of problems running the VM manager and OEM products against the same database or on the same servers. The only issue I can see is possible port conflicts.

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                Roddy Rodstein


                Thank you for your reply!

                Regarding the latest OEM template, can you confirm that it does indeed work? I gave up on the OEM R2 template due to the following issue, (ironically the OEM R1 template worked):

                Resource: http://itnewscast.com/oracle-vm-template-oracle-enterprise-manager-12

                • Enter the passwords and email address for Oracle Enterprise Manager The passwords and email address for Oracle Enterprise Manager are mandatory. Unfortunately, there is a VERY short timeout value before the installer moves forward with a NULL entry, i.e. if your not paying attention, the installer times out and defaults to "null", and the setup will continue without installing the middleware home. If the passwords and email address are not entered the setup completes without installing the Middleware home. When this happens, kill the virtual machine, delete it, and start over.

                If it works, I'll give it a whirl again!




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                  Sorry. Can't confirm the newest template works. I've only used R1. Haven't had the chance to check out release 2. Seems like there is always something else to do . Hopefully I'll get a change to do it soon. I'd really like to use R2. R1 is really flaky at times.