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    Can we add prior year to HFM ?


      Hi Experts,


      Can we add prior years to HFM ? I have an HFM application but the profile is build in such a way that the start year is 2013. I have a req to load 5 years of historical data . Hence need to start my year from 2008.


      Can we use Year Update Utility or it is just to add future years and not prior years? Please confirm ...




      Thanks in advance...

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          By using the Financial management application year update utility, you may increase the number of years by altering the End year. you are allowed to decrease the number of years. And the start year can not be altered. Its grayed out.


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            Thanos A.

            Hi there,


            I do not believe that you can use the current version of the  Year Update Utility. However, you can create a new profile and reshell your current application.


            This should be a straight forward process. I would more worried about the impact of your "new" data in the existing data.