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    Public Java 7 Update 25 Interfering with Private 6.0 JRE in Web Start


      We have a Java 6.0 b21 Java Swing application that is currently deployed with a private JRE(6.0_b21) via Web Start.  We have run into a bug (confirmed by Oracle) whereby when someone downloads Java 7 b25 JRE as a public JRE on their Windows desktop, it overrides our private JRE (6.0_21) and the application will not function as it is built for Java 6. This did NOT occur prior to b25 of Java 7 and can not be reproduced with any public JRE prior to b25 of Java 7.  It can be readily reproduced with Java 7 b25.   Oracle has confirmed that they can reproduce it and have assigned bug
      #17087590 to it
      and passed on to Java Sustained Engineering.  We have been told it will be awhile(weeks) before they can research and address.  Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, do you have a workaround?