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    Applying patch on a cluster


      Hi All,


      we have a weblogic cluster with managed servers distributed across different machines, we need to apply weblogic bsu patch for our environment.

      do we need to apply patch to individual machines or only to the machine in which Admin Server is hosted?

      Please suggest.


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          Weblogic Smart Update tool (bsu) provides you a feature named Rolling upgrade which helps you to apply patch in cluster environment.


          Please refer to the below document in OTN





          Rolling Upgrade is the process of upgrading a running WebLogic Server cluster with a patch, maintenance pack, or minor release without shutting down the entire cluster or domain. During the rolling upgrade of a cluster, each server in the cluster is individually upgraded and restarted while the other servers in the cluster continue to host your application.

          Before the WebLogic Server 9.2 release, to upgrade a cluster, you had to either shut down the entire domain, or install the upgraded server version on a parallel domain on additional hardware and use a load balancer to transfer load from the old domain to the new domain. The rolling upgrade process minimizes downtime and allows you to install a patch, maintenance pack, or minor release while the domain is still running.


          Hope it helps!!