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    Database upgrade in Dataguard Broker Environment


      Hi All,


      OS: Wndows 32 bit



      We have an upgrade activity due, in this, we have a windows Primary Database and it has 2 Physical Standby databases. There is no concept of Near DR and Far DR. Both the databases are getting sync'd directly from the Primary database.We are also using Dataguard Broker. Following is the skeletol POA for the same:

      1. Install an out of place DATABASE Software ( ) on both the Standby databases and also the Primary database.

      2.Disable the configuration of the database broker on all the 3 servers

      3.Copy the files init/spfile, tnsnames.ora, listener.ora, sqlnet.ora and the password file from the old oracle home to the new oracle home location on all the 3 servers.

      4.Take a clean shutdown of the Standby databases only and then stop the services and delete the services as well.

      5.Get into the new oracle home and create the oracle services for both the standby databases

      6.Once, the services are created, mount both the standby databases and enable their recovery.

      7. Now, we will connect to the Priamry database server and start the upgrade here. I will be using the manuall method of upgrade for the database here which all includes all the pre and post tasks.

      8. Once the upgrade is done succesfully on the primary databases, the changes will be automatically replicated on its 2 Standby databases as well.

      9. Post this, we will enable the broker configuration and check for the syncronziation by doing some switch's.

      10. Lastly we will remove the old oracle home's.

      Any suggestions?