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    Capturing the Actual Responder for a notification sent to a Distribution List in Outlook


      Hello All,


      Morning , need some guidance on the issue mentioned below which we are currently facing.

      We had a requirement to send Oracle Workflow Notification to a Distribution List maintained within Microsoft Outlook Mail client/server. The email address of the users which are part of the DL would be setup in this DL . lets say this DL has the


      mailing address as : abcd1234@gmail.com which has 4 users in it let's say Oracle Apps FND users : A (email id - a@gmail.com), B (email id - b@gmail.com) , C(email id - c@gmail.com) , D (email id - d@gmail.com) with their respective email address . This email address within Oracle Apps would be linked at the FND User setup as well as in the HRMS Employee Setup --. Official details section


      For this we created a ad hoc role name : 'Role_abcd' as below , then set ad hoc role attribute as shown below ( in the display name and email address we specify the email address created for the Distribution List )


                                             (role_name                    => 'Role_abcd',

                                              role_display_name            => 'Role_abcd',

                                              notification_preference      => 'MAILATTH'



                                            (role_name                    => 'Role_abcd',

                                             display_name                 => 'abcd1234@gmail.com',

                                             email_address                => 'abcd1234@gmail.com',

                                             notification_preference      => 'MAILATTH'  );


      Finally we set the Notification Performer


      Item Attribute (Next_Approver) and assign the role name ('Role_abcd') created above to this performer :

      wf_engine.setitemattrtext (itemtype      => p_in_itemtype,

                                             itemkey       => p_in_itemkey,

                                             aname         => 'NEXT_APPROVER',

                                             avalue        => 'Role_abcd' );


      Now we are able to successfully send the workflow notifications to this Outlook DL and all the 4 users : A,B,C & D would get the same notification to their email address mentioned as a part of the DL.


      Issue :

      Now lets say user A Approves this notification from email notification itself using mail id : a@gmail.com , In this scenario the Responder name which is getting captured in the wf_notifications table is not consistent , sometimes it is getting populated as : email:abcd1234@gmail.com and sometimes as the value for the recipient role/original recipient itself : Role_abcd .This appears to be wrong


      Ideally this responder column in wf_notifications table should get populated as  ( email:a@gmail.com ) so that we could identify as to which person within the DL has responded to the notification.


      Could someone please help as to how this could be acheived (to identify the actual responder for workflow notification sent to a Outlook Distribution List


      ) ???