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    Know parameters to use in login page



      first post here for me, be patient please. Maybe not right session, but can find any way to post this request on : Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server


      I'm IT guy, and I need some information about parameters that can be added to access Sun Convergence mail server.


      When we are out of job, we have acces trought this link:



      As we see we identify some parameters :

      - lang=

      - svcs=


      I want to know if is possible to add domain as parameter. This because if we access to our mailserver in Intranet,

      we must specify always complete email as login. (eg: a.mcgyver@yyyyy.it)


      Read on forum about create customized login starting from default, but i can't access directly to servers,

      without pass from centralized office. So ask here if is possible to simple add acces domain as parameter.


      Thank you for any info,


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          I am trying to figure out the question... what forbids you from entering the email into the form?
          Or do you want to make an URL (like a bookmark which you click on) to automatically log in? You could do that with UWC and AM, but for Convergence, I think, the login methods require a POST and thus can't work from an URL. You can try though, using the form "action" path and parameters that you can see in the login page...