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    Oracle RMAN recovery catalog database in a Primary and Standby mode


      Hello All,


      The customer wants the RMAN recovery catalog database to be highly available so that none of the RMAN database backup jobs are impacted at the time of taking the database backups. There are are 200+ databases running on OEL, RHEL and Windows. So we planned to host the recovery catalog database on Oracle Active DataGuard Enterprise Edition on RedHat EL 5.8 version on two physical servers. The Primary Instance will be in one server in the Primary DC and the Standby Instance will be on another server in another DC. Also all the database datafiles are hosted in ASM Diskgroups on SAN (DATA, FRA, REDO, ARCH diskgroups).


      Are there any specific RPM/patch/OS user custom/specific settings or configurations needed..?


      Thanks in advance..