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    How to Auto-Populate a User Data Picker?

    Marc DiNick

      I understand how User Data Pickers work (mostly).  We have used them during the shell creation process to allow the creator to specify which users may access the shell and in what user groups they will be placed.  This works fine— as the shell is created, these users are added and assigned to their respective groups.

      From the documentation, User Data Pickers are supposed to support auto-population, but the system does not allow me to select a suitable source from which to pull.  For example, the shell attribute form contains a User Data Picker that contains the name of the PM that was assigned to the shell.  Say I have a BP in that shell on which I want the PM’s name to appear.  I’m thinking I would place a User Data Picker on the BP and auto-populate that field from the shell attribute user data picker, but uDesigner doesn’t allow the attribute form as source as it does for other DE types.  This is important as this field, the PM’s name, must be located on the BP if I’m to use it in a LiveCycle report.


      Short of having the user select the name again within the BP, how do I pass the names of shell members that were selected during shell creation using User Data Pickers?


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          Trying defining the field on the attribute form as a linked element, then add it to the BP form using the Lonked button.



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            Marc DiNick

            Thanks, but that's my issue: user data pickers are not available for linked elements either.  So far, I've found they may only be auto-populated as a constant value of "logged in user" or from a workflow step to capture the user name of the user taking action.


            I still can't find how to populate a field on a BP with a user previously assigned to the BP's shell, for example, populating the name of the PM on a Submittal BP for reference purposes or to appear in a LiveCycle report.  Seems like this should be possible.



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              As part of your Shell Attribute form design you can create a DE that will capture the entire user name based on the User Data Picker Selection.You can then link this element to your bp or Autopoulate it upon creation of the bp record. Having the de as a linked element will dynamically update the element on the bp as the Shell Attribute user data picker changes. There are things to consider if you are using the de on the bp as a filter element for step assignees especially if the User data picker changes values. For example be sure the user data picker automatically adds the user to the group in a shell by which define in configuration.

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                Marc DiNick

                In version 9.9.3, it appears uDesigner does not allow User Data Pickers to be selected as linked elements--starting from the Linked Elements tab on my BP, then selecting the relevant shell attribute form containing User Data Pickers, the User Data Picker DEs do NOT appear in the list for selection (along with certain text fields, for some reason).  Likewise, uDesigner does not allow User Data Pickers on a BP to be auto-populated from User Data Pickers on a shell attribute form--the attribute form is just not available in the select list.  Strangely, the reverse does work through reverse auto-population.


                The User Data Pickers are on my shell attribute form specifically to add users to various groups on shell creation.  These groups are then used to configure step assignees.  That part works fine, I just need to get these user names onto the BP so to export to XML for LiveCycle reports.

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                  On your shell attribute form add a data element with a data definition of Sys Medium Name such as "PM Name". Autopopulate this data element from the selected name of the User picker i.e. user name. On your bp add this same data element "PM Name" as a linked element. Therefore if the value is ever changed in the Shell Attribute it will dynamically update any and all places where the element is linked. If you don't want it linked the upon creation have the de autopopulate from the Shell Attribute form. Keep in mind autopopulation only occurs upon creation or from a selection of a reference picker.

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                    Marc DiNick

                    Thanks again, but this won’t work either, and please correct me if I’m wrong.


                    1. “PM Name” with a DD of Sys Medium Name cannot be auto-populated from a User Data Picker—uDesigner does not allow it.  Furthermore, Sys Medium Name cannot use a User Data Picker in a formula, such as just to pass the value over.  I thought about linking a UDP to a User Picker but uDesigner does not allow User Pickers on shell attribute forms (with the exception of Administrator?).

                    2. The linked element part is irrelevant; even if PM Name could be auto-populated from a User Data Picker on the shell attribute form, its value will never change by virtue of being auto-populated?


                    It doesn’t even appear that User Data Pickers can be populated from other User Data Pickers.


                    Is there some other way to get project participant names listed on a BP without entering them again after BP creation?

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                      Please reach out to me via email at rich.durham@oracle.com. I would like to send you screenshots.

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                        Here is how we pass a DP value from one BP to another;

                        -     We had to create a single record BP with a list of all Key Personnel for each Project, in our case we use a DP in this bp since we pull the names from our contact list BP.

                        -     We added that same DP field to the BP where we want to auto insert the PM's name

                        -     In Udesigner select properties Auto Populate

                        -     Select PM DP field as the Destination Element

                        -     Source Name select Single Record BP that has all your key personnel listed

                        -     Source Element should equal the PM DP field as used in the Destination Element


                        Hope this helps.

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                          Marc DiNick

                          That works!  Thanks Rich for clarifying your above posts with the screenshots. 


                          Rich’s solution as it worked for me:

                          1.  Add a User Data Picker to the shell attribute form.

                          2.  Add a DE of DD SYS Medium Name to the shell attribute form.  The DD type appears critical here and was my mistake in the past.

                          3.  Auto-populate the DE created in step 2: Source Name-->Data Picker; Source Element-->uuu_user_name (in this case).

                          4.  On the BP, place the same DE as step 2 and auto-populate (or link) it to the same DE on the shell attribute form.


                          What I didn’t expect:

                          1. User Data Pickers on BPs cannot reference User Data Pickers on shell attribute forms.  Why do we need additional fields to link two other fields of the same type?

                          2. In operation the auto-populate, setup in step 3 above, occurs immediately as if it were a formula instead of just populating upon the shell creation stup as it would on BP creation.

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                            Marc DiNick

                            Yes, I think that's how it works between BPs, but apparently not between BPs and shell attribute forms.  We do something similar except the User Data Pickers are on our shell attribute form so as to automatically populate the user roles and thus step assignees on shell creation.