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    change charset a must for 2 language in an instance ?


      Hello there,


      I have an Oracle DB's charset configured for Korean language and things in there are English and KOrean and they are working fine.

      If i try to import a txt file with Chinese chararcters into the DB. It doesnt show correctly on query.

      Is there any way I can solve this ? Since I find that there are many charset / NLS language options througout DB settings such asNLS_lang.

      I read from others that they have the following response. Any alternative beside changing the whole DB charset ?





      Recreate the database with the correct character set

      Convert the database to AL32UTF8. Documentation link

      Change the databases National Character Set to AL32UTF8 & change your application to use NVARCHAR2()/NCHAR() datatypes instead of VARCHAR2() (documented at the same link as above)